Visions has been online for some time, with close to 1000 images.  I have had some setbacks that now appear to be quite overwhelming.  I have been looking for work for nearly 2 years here in Colorado with no luck and am asking for your help. I have 3 school age children I help support besides the rent of my house.  My funds have run out and all I have is my art work to sell.


I am now offering my photos for sale for the first time.  This initial offering is $25 for a signed, limited edition print (8×10}.  Each will be limited to 50 prints so yours would be part of that edition.  Shipping domestically will be included but international will have to be added because of postal rates globally.

The easiest way to make this happen would be to contact me with a link to the prints you want.  Within this sight is a search button for subjects.  Payment will be arranged, probably through Paypal.

My gratitude to any of you who participate is greatly appreciated by myself and my family.


Chris Kaan


One thought on “Would you help me from being homeless?

  1. Hi Chris, great visuals and photos – wonderful.
    Thank you again for your hospitality last week at Avoli.
    Keep up the blues harpn’ and maybe we’ll get to jam some day ~
    Aloha for now,
    CVS Dave

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