Some Racoons moved in today.  They found that old shirt yu used to paint in but forgot to take it with you when you moved.  Its not their bed.  Remember the time you painted her room while wearing that shirt?..How she loved it that the paint matched her bed coverings.  Did you know that I have never forgotten all the love and emotions you felt and it still stays in my walls.

You remember when she lost her first tooth?  She held it up for all of you to see.  The light reflected just a glance of shine off the tooth.  You saw it and was so proud of the idea your little girl was growing.  Do you remember how you kept that tooth in the pocket of your overalls?  For weeks every time you reached into your pocket you felt it.  You remembered the light that day.  Then one day you couldn’t find it.  Did yu know it is here?  In the floor boards?  Waiting…but you are gone…it is still here.

Wait…I remember when you used to smoke your pipe.  You waited until everyone was in bed…because they hated the way it smelled.  You would strike a match…watch the flame sometimes until it burned your fingers.  A time that you waited all day for.  You would light it…take a deep draw…holding it long and hard.  Thinking the entire time about your day.  How easy it was…how hard it was..It was the same draw…interesting how good or bad it was the same draw.

Do you remember her 16th birthday party?  How the kids raised the roof?  You just wanted to take your arms and just be quiet.  You had no words of your love for her.   But you knew how you wanted to tell her..but you couldn’t. At the end of the party you gave her that gift.  The white dress with the red detail.  Did you know who much she loved that dress?  Yaaa   you did.  She hung it on a hanger and on the nail in her room that used to be the place she had the picture of Frand Sinatra.

Oh…that tree..the tree she saw out her window.  She loved that tree.  The Shade in summer.  The contrast in winter.  The blooms in the spring.  It was HER tree.

She never wore that dress because she never wanted it to be dirty and have to wash it because it might lessen the red.  It was beyond a work of art.  It was the most beautiful art work in the universe.  In class they talked about beauty.  Egypt…Waterfalls….Cities…but she never got it…she knew what true beauty was…..yes…that dress on her wall…

The day they brought her back broken, soiled, dead.  I hate to remember that day.  But it was just another day.  You thought…how can I honor her…yes….the dress..never worn….so…you cleaned her up..put the dress on…god…could she be even more beautiful…Noooooo……Then you carried her to the tree…the grave had been dug by friends…

The racoons had babies


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