High Park Fire, Larimer County, Colorado 2012

This fire continues to burn…over 100 Square miles now…this photo is shot from the center of Fort Collins..where I live.  If you can zoom into the left corner of the photo you will see a mountain peak..its about 12,000 feet high.  This smoke cloud is probably 50 to 60 miles long.



I am not usually one to write about such things, but for those of you who follow this blog I wanted to share whats happening in this back yard in Fort Collins, Colorado…my home.  The following photos are of a fire that started Saturday morning and has grown to more than 80,000 acres in basically 2 1/2 days.  This last winter the snow fall was very much less than normal.  Also the spring has brought slight rain.  Thus, the timber and grass in these foothills is extreemly dry.  Perfect for a devastating fire…which is what is happening right now.  It is 0% contained…a true wild fire..uncontrolable..burning everything in its path.  It is the biggest fire our county has ever seen and is currently the 3rd largest active fire in the United States.  We are fine but up in the hills everything is crazy.


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