;”>As an artist we are given choices in this world.  Quite often these are visual for me.  Ideas appear as both mental and what is right in front of our eyes.  What I attempt to do is match the emotional side of me and match what I am seeing at the same time.  Usually when there is a satisfied feeling within me, in other words everything feels at ease, the landscape in front of me can take on the same parameters. The recognition of my emotional state is first…and it is then when my
environment will match.  It is very rare that these events happen simultaneously but when they do… everything is aligned… then and only then do these photographs occur.


6 thoughts on “Choices

    • It is interesting how waves and snow drifts share simularity. The design of nature is full of mystery. I love it!

  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate comments and criticisms, especially those from other artists and writers. I love how you wrote your artist statement. It is raw and honest, not dressed up in un-neccessary words which were chosen from a thesaurus at random. I double majored for art school and sincerely struggled between photography and painting. It was only when I realised that I was challenged more in the amount of freedom that comes with painting that I decided to pursue that instead. I loved photographing and loved even more the dark room process (thankfully my University is still teaching film photo. even though they are slowly being faded out throughout Canada). I wish to one day go back to photography and explore the many different and exciting ways to take a solid photograph (perhaps after this whole “hipster” movement passes and people stop editing through instagram, pixlr etc…). Your photos are wonderfully dynamic yet they still cause a sense of uneasiness which is both captivating and distracting, which is the exact push/pull I try to get with my paintings. I am going to make sure I constantly check back to see what you’re cooking up next.



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