Violet and Me…

I just wanted to let you all know that yes..I am actually a real person.  I am not the kind that shares every little element of my life..visually yes..but without my camera’s daily life rolls on..just like you all.  So anyway, this is my beautiful daughter Violet tonight at her 8th grade graduation.  And yes…thats my ugly mug.  This is what happens when I give my camera to someone else..But very proud papa.  She is a great lady!  and only 14.


5 thoughts on “Violet and Me…

  1. Awe! She is si beautiful. Thank you for sharing the man behind the lense. Or a sneak there of

    • Sarah…How did I know you would comment…? She is a stunner. The wolves will be hounding her soon in high school but she has a very smart hold on things. Not too worried…Right?

      • I’m only 6 years behind you. I still can’t believe that. 6 years until my breath taking beauty is 14!! It goes slowly, right 😉

      • each day is a life time..but is slow until you look one day and realize that 6 years ago was yesterday.

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